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Lab 3: The Green Room

The Green Room is a deduction party game that you can only really experience once. I'm going to ruin it for you now, sorry. The green room is a place where only words with double letters can exist. So coffee but not water. In a party setting you tell someone about the green room and then give them objects that are allowed and object that aren't. They can then guess their own objects which you can then tell them are either allowed or not allowed.

You can read about it online here (different name same idea).

Today's Goal

Today you will implement this game! I've done most of the work for you and added comments explaining what I've done. Look through my code, read the comments, and add a function that returns a boolean and determines if a string has a double letter in it. My comments include 4 test words, some which might answer some corner cases.

You can ignore all of my code and make your own from scratch (sometimes that is easier), or just add a few lines to the middle which make it work. It currently does NOT work. Make it happen, and email in a URL of your code working.