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HW 3: Dragon Fractals!

I want you to make a dragon fractal using turtles. The problem is that there are tons of scripts on the internet which just do it for you. If I make it too different than what you find it'll probably be too tough for this homework.

So to fight that:

  1. I want you to have a cycle of colors where each line segment is one color deeper.
  2. Don't copy and paste code from the internet on this.

Cool Origins of the Dragon Fractal

The dragon fractal

You can read about it on wikipedia.

The basic pattern is this: begin with a one sequence right turn, R.

For each extra iteration take every turn so far, add an R, then add the old turns in reverse order, flipped.

So the first 4 iterations are:

  1. R
  2. RRL

You'll have to decide how big to make the edges and change the color each time.

Dragon Patterns

Turtle Art

You can learn about the turtle API here:

Examples galore out there.