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Daily Challenge Solutions:

Class 9: Review Golf!

Gravity Golf

I'm going to going to put up a randomized python problem on the board. Work in a team of 1-4 people. When you have a solution write it in chalk on a board. First team to get a working solution on the board gets 1 point.

Now we start a 4 minute timer. During that time teams can try to come up with a shorter solution (tweetable is best). The shortest solution gets 2 points.

If there is a particularly interesting, clever, or funny answer I reserve the right to give that team an extra point. So don't give up when another team gets an answer.

At the end of class whichever team has the most points gets a 1 hint pass each. They can use this pass during the test on Wednesday to get a reasonable hint from me, or a 2% bonus if they never use it.

Good Luck!

Here is the link: Code Golf

Optional Daily Challenge

Mansion Apartment Shack House! There is a game called MASH which lets you know who you're going to marry (in theory). Implement a basic version as practice for the test.