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Daily Challenge 7:

These daily challenges were a little bit beyond you (which is healthy).

For my annuity calculator I did a rough idea like this:

For the interactive Tic-Tac-Toe I borrowed the framework from Corey and added logic:

Class 10: Aliasing, mutating, copying

The basic idea I want to capture is that simple types (int, str, float ) are copied at assignment while complex (AKA non-atomic) types (list, dict) are aliased at assignment. An example:

For aliased data:

That example had a new style of list creation in it. We'll talk about that some more in a minute. For now notice that .insert(0,0) impacted both variable names! This is because perfect_squares is actually just an alias of sums_of_first_k_odds.

Non-Atomic Task 1: What happens in the next snippet?

Non-Atomic Task 2: What about this one?

Atomic Task 3: What is the value of SimonesDad at the end of this snippet?

Local Task 4: Why doesn't the for loop change SimonesDad in the following snippet?

Interactive Local 5: Add a command to that for loop which displays each letter after it was upper-cased.

Football Task 6: Fix the following program:

Cloning / Copying

Clone Task 7: What is happening in this alternate universe?

Clone List Task 8: Hand-clone this list: first_4 = [1, 2, 3, 4]. Append 5 to your clone. Print first_4.

Copy Module Task 9: There is an easy way. The Python copy module. Observe the following snippet. Use copy.copy to build me a team of 4 clones and work each clone for 70 hours.

Lost Name Task 10: What goes wrong in the next snippet?

Deep Copy 11: Use the dir(copy) trick, along with help(copy.deepcopy) to fix that situation. Describe to your neighbor the difference between a "copy" and a "deep copy".

Copy or Alias?

Double Check Task 12: I'm going to give you four functions. Tell me which ones made copies and which ones made aliases.

Head Back to Modules

If there is still time let's go to last Wednesday's Notes and explore the math module.

Daily Challenge 8: Practice Exam

This is adapted from another section of 106's recent exam. How would you do? (Imagine it on paper.) For this daily challenge I want you to work this practice exam and I'll give answers Monday morning.