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Daily Challenge

Class 21: The LAST CLASS!!

First of all let me tell you what an honor it has been attempting to empower you. Out of our super-power goals I would say we were a little bit light on Business Mind (although I'm guessing some of you now see opportunities around you more than you did) and Polymorphism we didn't even touch it. But everything else we did pretty darn well. Nice work.

A Look Back

Chevy Chase Joke Here

You guys learned A LOT during this semester (I hope):

New Survey Review

OK, I revamped my survey system to allow four choices just for today's review!

I wanted to do this so that you can get a feel for where you are relative to the class, which is a rare opportunity.

So fire it up and let's start answering some code tracing questions.

See the Pen Speed Review for CISC 106 v3 by Andy Novocin (@AndyNovo) on CodePen.